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On the first day, patients will complete a medical history form and review our office policy, as well as HIPAA guidelines. Most patients choose to fil out the form on our dedicated patient portal.  We will email you the link and password after your scheduled. After ther doctor reads your medical history, he will perform a complimentary consultation to determine whether the patient will benefit from care in-house, or be referred to another provider. Next, Dr. Noel will perform the examination which includes a complete orthopedic, neurological, postural, range-of-motion, and several other assessment tests in order to determine a appropriate treatment plan.  This may include sending the patient out for diagnostic imaging or other testing.  A relief treatment will be provided only on the first visit ony if Dr. Noel feels it is safe to do so.


After the first visit, patients will return in a few days, to assess the success of their first treatment (if any) and apply a second treatment. At this time, patient’s are encouraged to ask questions and be an active learner in fully comprehending their condition.