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Our functional exercise physical rehabilitation specialists are unique health care providers who specialize in the prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of injuries. Our skilled, licensed health professionals play a vital role in our patient’s rehabilitation plan. By using a dynamic approach which combines functional exercises, stretching, foam roller massage techniques and other methods, they work to restore or maintain the patient’s strength, mobility, and function. Our main goal is for patients to achieve freedom from pain, prevent future injury and return to an independent lifestyle at home, work, and play.

Our holistic health care team will work together to provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to Function Based Exercise. The exercises mimic real life activities and build the participant’s strength, endurance, flexibility and stability.

When referred for physical rehabilitation for a specific injury or personal training, our hands-on rehab specialists will perform an evaluation and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs using exercise, functional strengthening, and manual techniques. The focus is on teaching you how to heal yourself, to gain strength and mobility, prevent recurring injury and ultimately get you back to activities as quickly as possible.